Tile AL-1

Tile AL-1 is produced through the recycling of plastic (LDPE) and aluminum extracted from the post consumer packages, where its composition has the following percentages:

  • Low density polyethylene 75%
  • Aluminum 25%

Ibaplac also offers the option of the AL-1 Tile with the colored inside, available in the colors blue, yellow and green. For other colors, consult our sales department. AL-1 tiles can also be painted with water-based paint, and only need to remove the release polyester.


  • Measures: 2,20m (length) x 0,92m (width) x 6mm (thickness)
  • Average weight: 14kg
  • Area of ​​coverage per piece: 1,76m²
  • Minimum slope: Check installation manual

(Português do Brasil)